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Meals on Wheels OKC Increases Seniors Served by 28 Percent in First Six Months

In the first six months of operations, Meals on Wheels Oklahoma City increased the number of homebound seniors receiving charitable meals by more than 28 percent.

“The credit goes to the churches and community partners we work with,” said Chris Lambert, director. “They have been incredible to work with, and truly care for the people they serve.”

When Meals on Wheels began coordinating charitable meals last July, approximately 560 individuals were being served. By the end of 2019, the 59 churches and organizations were preparing and delivering meals to 718 seniors.

”These first months have been amazing. The support we’ve received from churches, volunteers, community partners and our incredibly generous donors is already making a difference,” Lambert said. “There are so many more who need our help. It’s only with the continued support of the community that we’ll be able to serve hundreds more in the future.”

Meals on Wheels Oklahoma City is a program of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church’s food ministry, Ending Hunger OKC. You can learn more and become involved at

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